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Welcome to Royal Sundaram's all new i-Lounge, an exclusive communication channel for you, our business partners! For 15 years we have been committed to deliver outstanding quality and consistency of customer service, catering to the needs of our customers and you, our advisors. Continuing the tradition of bringing valuable service to you, our all refreshed i-Lounge portal is built on modern web technologies that offers information of relevance and interest to you and lets you do things your way. Featuring a crisp modern design, i-Lounge will showcase your success stories, new launches, our product portfolios, media articles, seminars, important announcements and much more. It will be the center stage for our agent ecosystem serving as a central gathering place for you to access resources and engage with us and peers.

We hope that the site will serve as a rich source of information and encourage you to visit often, in order to stay abreast of all of the new developments relating to Royal Sundaram. You can reach us at for any ideas or areas of improvement that you feel is of importance for our customers. I will be personally involved and following the activities.

At Royal Sundaram we value relationships. Our vision is to be the company of choice for associates, agents, and policyholders.

So we have much to look forward to with this new system in place! I invite you to visit this refreshed portal and be part of the growth that RS is aspiring for you, our business partners.

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Insurance is protection against financial loss arising due to an unexpected event. Insurance companies collect premiums to provide protection to the insured against various perils and pay out claims at the time of losses.
Insurance is a hedge against the occurrence of unforeseen incidents. Insurance products help insured in not only mitigating risks but also helps you by providing a financial cushion against adverse financial burdens suffered.
Premium is the fixed amount of sum paid over the period by the insured to the insurance company to take insurance policy and to complete the contract of insurance.
It is an arrangement by which insurance companies spread their risk with other underwriters or reinsurance companies called Reinsurance.
The amount, which the insured has to bear in all cases and this amount is first, deducted from the total assessed payable claims amount before determining insurance companys liability. .
Approach the insurance company well in advance before your expiry date of your policy. Seek an approval from the company on the intention of renewing your policy if you have not received a renewal letter / intimation. Seek premium & other relevant details. Pay the premium and take premium receipt and cover note/risk held not. Wait for documents. Check for its correctness on receipt and store it carefully. In case of denial for renewal, seek an explanation from the company. Clarify doubts if any. Find any other company, if the existing insurer doesnt renew.
Can I become an agent with Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited? You certainly can if - You are outgoing and like meeting people You are ambitious to own a business You only want your clients to be your bosses And you want to decide your working hours You want a new career. You want to earn lot of money. You want the satisfaction of helping others achieve their dreams. You have Persuasive powers. You have Perseverance. You are good at Relationship building. You possess Good Communication skills.
The IRDAI has laid down the following pre-requisites Qualifications The applicant must possess the minimum qualification of 10th Standard or equivalent examination conducted by any recognized board or institute.
you may contact our branch office or mail us  or type "AGENT" send to 7065467676 or   click here.
We will provide you product and selling skills training at regular intervals to hone your skills to be a true insurance professional.
Sales experience is certainly of an advantage but even if you don't have -you can still apply if you are determined to make a career in this field. If you have the determination we will train you. .
You want more from life. You have many dreams to live and ambitions to fulfill. You are proud of your achievements but there is so much more that you want to accomplish. You are eager to explore new options, and work on your own terms. You are full of ideas, goal oriented, thrive on challenges and have a can-do spirit. You are keen to make a difference to the lives of others. We at Royal Sundaram offer all of these to people who have a burning desire to succeed in life. A business opportunity to explore your skills and efforts, which can help you achieve unlimited growth, personal satisfaction and financial freedom. As a Royal Sundaram Insurance agent, you will offer world-class general insurance products and services from Royal Sundaram to individuals and corporate alike. Our selection process is designed to help the candidate and the organization make a decision in mutual best interest. The first step in the process is an initial interview followed by a test of numerical ability. Candidates who make the cut are invited to attend a career seminar. The procedure facilitates a process of discovery, as both sides develop an understanding of each other’s profile and requirements. The final stage in the selection process is an assessment of the candidate's natural market and potential for growth. Royal Sundaram has the finest training program for agents in the industry. We run training and development programs for agents throughout their career. Royal Sundaram has tied-up with various training institutes whose sole job is to train and guide new agents. No company can claim to have the number one product in the insurance industry for a long period of time. It is a matter of great pride that our products have always been rated among the best in the industry. These products have been developed after extensive research of the Indian market and are designed to meet an individual’s needs at every life stage The Agent's Contract is designed to attract efficient professionals and retain them for a long time by compensating them generously. As an agent you can count on the support of Royal Sundaram at all times to help you earn a good income today and create a secure retirement for tomorrow.
1. Rewarding Career As long as people drive cars, have homes and property, work, raise families— and dream—insurance is essential. The prospects are literally everywhere, and you have the opportunity to protect the quality of their lives by guiding them to the right kind of insurance products. The difference you make to their lives is more rewarding and satisfying than you could ever imagine. 2. A Successful Team We believe agents are a critical connection to our customers. When you choose to join our company, we're committed to helping you succeed. By joining us, you will be a part of the country's finest team of General insurance Agents. 3. Attractive Remuneration We offer one of the best remuneration systems in the industry that not only takes care of your current earnings, but also guarantees an earning for the future. What's more, you can set your own income targets with a potential to earn as much as you want for the rest of your life. 4. Independence As an Agent, you will be a true entrepreneur. You have the freedom to be your own boss: work for yourself, choose your own clients and make your own money without having to make any initial capital investment. 5. World-Class Training We provide you with the best-in-class training systems, since that is what differentiates Royal Sundaram Agent from the rest. Even if you don't have previous experience in selling, our multi-dimensional training program conducted by our qualified in-house training personnel, will make you a specialist in General Insurance sales. 6. Commitment to Career Agency System Our commitment to the Career Agency System means that, we support you and your efforts not just today, but at every stage of your business. We believe in encouraging our Agents to strive towards the highest levels of success, throughout their careers. In fact, depending on your performance, we also offer a management career option with the company. 7. Infrastructure Support We have invested in creating a state-of-the-art infrastructure at each of our Branch Offices. You will have access to the necessary tools, technology and people support that will enable you to build a profitable long-term business. 8. Full Range Of Products And Services You can offer your customers over 50 product combinations of our unique products to help them meet all their general insurance needs. In order to give you a greater competitive edge, we are also continuously working on newer and more innovative products. 9. Sales and Marketing Support We support our Agents with innovative sales and marketing tools. The Sales, Promotions and Marketing collaterals that we provide will help you take your business to new heights. 10. Financial Strength Royal Sundaram offers you and your customer unmatched financial strength and solidity. 11. Flexible timings at work . 12. Support in your efforts with exclusive and comprehensive training, including IRDA certification and in-house Career sales training. 13. Rewards and Recognition for self and family. 14. Pride in representing a company which has a lineage of being the most trustworthy and well managed first private general insurance company in India. 15. Support on the renewal business, so that you have the freedom to look at growing your portfolio even bigger.
The Insurance Act, 1938 lays down that an insurance agent must possess a license under Section 42 of that Act. The license is to be issued by the IRDA. The IRDA has authorized designated persons, in each insurance company, to issue the licenses on behalf of the IRDA. The fee for the license, the manner of making an application, etc., have been described in the IRDA Regulations. A license issued by the IRDA will be valid for three years. The license may be to act as an agent for a life insurer, for a general insurer or as a "composite insurance agent" working for a life insurer as well as a general insurer. No agent is allowed to work for more than one life insurer or more than one general insurer. The qualifications necessary before a license can be given are that the person (individual or corporate insurance executive) must be at least 18 years old have passed at least the 12th standard or equivalent examination, if he is to be appointed in a place with a population of 5000 or more(Urban), or 10th standard otherwise (Rural),have undergone practical training for at least 50 hours in life or general insurance business, as the case may be, from an institution, approved and notified by the IRDA. In the case of a person wanting to become composite insurance agent, the applicant should have completed at least 100 hours practical training in life and general insurance business, which may be spread over six to eight weeks. He/she should have passed the pre-recruitment examination conducted by the Insurance Institute of India or any other examination body recognized by the IRDA. A person with the following disqualifications is debarred from holding a license. i)He has been found to be of unsound mind by a court of competent jurisdiction ii)He has been found guilty of criminal breach of trust, misappropriation, cheating, forgery or abetment or attempt to commit any such offence. The license once issued, can be cancelled whenever the person acquires a disqualification. Applications for renewal have to made at least thirty days before the expiry of the license, along with the renewal fee of Rs. 250. If the application is not made at least thirty days before the expiry, but is made before the date of expiry of license, an additional fee of Rs.100 is payable. If the application is made after the date of expiry, it would be normally be refused. Prior to renewal of the license, the agent should have completed at least 25 hours practical training in life or general insurance business or at least 50 hours practical training in life and general insurance business in the case of a composite insurance agent. Insurers who select agents for appointment, make arrangements for training, for appearing in the prescribed examinations, and obtaining the license from the IRDA. The procedures have been streamlined and there is little loss of time for any step in the process. The licensing process would start with the insurer sponsoring a candidate for practical training. On completion of the mandated training, the applicant has to make an application in specified format for undergoing a written exam. On clearing of his written exam, the applicant will make an application to the "designated person" of the sponsoring insurer. Based on meeting all the above requirements and submission of application fee, the designated persons will issue the license, along with identity card. The license is valid for a period of 3 years unless terminated or surrendered. For any renewal of license, the agent needs to undergo additional 25 hours of training in either life or general from an approved institution, if the designated person refuses to grant or renew a license under this regulation, he shall give the reasons therefore to the applicant. Insurance agency is one of the most rewarding professions. The IRDA have set out strict rules governing the conduct of agents and insurance companies. The insurers have been given the guidelines based on which they can issue license to eligible candidates.




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Royal Sundaram Customers are requested to remit the premium by way of cheque,demand draft (drawn in favour of Royal Sundaram General Insurance Co. Limited), or any other approved banking mode. Customers are requested to avoid payment of premium by cash as far as possible. For any clarifications, please call us on 1860-4250000.

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